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Art Academy

Written Review

Cost: 800 points
Gameplay: 8/10
Replay Value: N/A
Graphics: N/A
Sounds: 8/10
Price: 9/10

Art Academy is a two part application split into two semesters of an art course. Each semester has several lessons as well as a free drawing mode. First semester teaches you the basics and gets into some more advanced techniques using your pencil and paints. Second semester presumably gets into other advanced techniques. The nice thing about the lessons is that not only are they detailed, they go step by step, show you examples, and can be used in real art as well as art on the DSi. The application also comes with a free drawing mode where you can use what you learned to sketch and paint whatever you want on a blank canvas.

Overall, it's a good application for those who want to learn something about art in a short amount of time. The lessons are easy to follow, the interface and sounds are good, and the whole thing was made very well. The only problem is that the DSi can't always sense how hard you are pressing, and sometimes you marks are harder or darker than you hoped. Everything else is great, though, and I highly recommend it.